Netflix Is A Joke Presents: Ms. Pat
Sat | May 7
Show: 7:00 pm
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Doors: 6PM Show: 7PM Let?s start with Ms. Pat hasn?t lived the life of your typical comedian. Born to a single mother of 5, living on welfare in a tough West end neighborhood of Atlanta, Ms. Pat learned early on she would have to fend for herself in this world. Her Grandfather ran a ?bootleg? house where as a kid Pat learned how to roll the drunks for food money. She had her first child at 14 and her second child at 15, ?I knew I wasn?t going to college so I figured why not get an early start on my family?. She became a drug dealer in her teens known by the street name ?Rabbit?. ?I figured there were two things I could do in my neighborhood to earn money, either sell drugs or sell p*@#$y?. At 16 she purchased her first Cadillac. During her teens she was shot twice and arrested numerous times. At 19 years of age she met a man, and with his help and encouragement decided to get out of the ?life?. Please be aware of the following COVID-19 safety protocols, All guests must wear a mask when indoors, unless actively eating or drinking. Masks may be removed only when outdoors.If you or anyone within your group has or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, we ask you to please stay home to ensure the health and and safety of our attendees.

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